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All-optical spectrum wisdom illuminates the system

Natural Light · Healthy Eyes · Smart core

Eye Care - Custom spectroscopic technology

Let the spectral continuity exceed 30% of fluorescent lamps/ordinary LED light sources, and ultra-high display index Ra>97

IoT - Internet of Things + technology

Intelligent integration of lighting elements in teaching

Smart - Dynamic light distribution technology

Realize the supply of classroom lighting that changes with the change of external light intensity.

Efficient—On-demand default context mode

Provide the best light environment for different classroom activities.

Extreme - Exclusive lighting design

The illuminance uniformity index exceeds the national standard requirements by nearly 30%

Comfort - Professional microprism anti-glare diffuser plate technology

Uniform glare index reduced by up to 40%

Colorful - professional LED chip light distribution technology

The color rendering ability is close to natural light, which is 20% better than the same industry level

Flickerless - Professional LED driver power management chip and transformer design

The flicker-free "Qingxi" strobe index is more than double the level of the same industry

Low carbon - more than 50% less power than fluorescent lamps

The life span is 10-15 times that of traditional fluorescent lighting

Technology research and development

New technology of Shoizumi, Japan

Focus on advanced technology innovation and technology transformation in the field of optometry medicine, and are committed to giving due medical attributes to consumer products for public health with a rigorous attitude of excellence. Through millions of optometry experiments, we provide effective technical conversion services and R&D services for optometry products that meet the intelligent light source products of eye care.


Technology transformation

Areas of Cooperation :

R&D and promotion of full-spectrum campus intelligent lighting system

R&D and promotion of full-spectrum intelligent eye-protection desk lamps

Development and promotion of electronic screen eye protection

Optometric medical big data management and industrialization

Light health assessment of common light-emitting electronic display devices

R&D consulting agency

National Engineering Research Center for Ophthalmic Diagnosis and Treatment Equipment
Fudan University Affiliated Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital
Beijing Institute of Ophthalmology
China Medical Equipment Association


Suitable for all lighting

Natural light full-spectrum intelligent lighting system

It starts from the medical theory of eye comfort improvement and myopia prevention and control, based on self
Ranguang full-spectrum illumination technology and adaptive intelligent control technology proposed illumination
Optimize the scheme. The product can be maximized from the perspective of optical environment optimization
Improves user eye comfort and reduces the likelihood of myopia occurrence and continued development
It has a significant relief effect on eye fatigue caused by long-term eye use.

At present, the eye protection effect of the product has been obtained the national ophthalmic research machine
The eye comfort of the structure is effectively recognized, and the product has obtained the national 3C compulsion
Certification and China Energy Conservation Certification, and passed including high-quality lighting testing,
Integrity testing, long life testing, reliability testing and eye comfort testing
A number of third-party authoritative tests including testing.

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